mymaga Baby Sleep

The application mymaga Baby Sleep is an innovative application, of exquisite beauty, almost magical, and extremely useful, both for the babies and the parents. Everything is done with a strong focus on education, including art education, in its broadest sense: not restricted only to teaching, but initiating and monitoring right from the beginning the moment education really starts, not at school but in the mother’s womb! We want to help build a new generation for the 21st Century, a more creative, more curious and more human generation!

About the mymaga Baby Sleep app

By using innovative technology and centred on extensive research on lullabies from around the world, this App aims to soothe babies and parents from the first moments and improve their sleep patterns. With the unique functionality of distinguishing the baby's crying amid all other sounds and noises, it reacts immediately to crying, gently triggering the Lullabies specially composed to soothe. Seeing that both the mother and father’s voices are the best lullabies and naturally calmer voices, it also includes voice recorder functionality, allowing up to three three-minute recordings. It also allows monitoring the quality and seeing the baby’s sleep statistics over time, building a sleep diary.

Main Features


1 - Accompanies and monitors baby's sleep
2 - Detects baby's crying, distinguishing it from other sounds or noises
3 - Reacts immediately with previously selected music or recording of the parents’ voices.


To dowload the mymaga Baby Sleep app, choose the option that suits you best.